Team Blue vs. Team Pink

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Gender Reveals have become quite popular the last few years. One of the questions we were constantly asked after our pregnancy announcement was "Are you planning on finding out what you're having?" The answer to that? Heck yes! There was no way I'd be able to go through 40 weeks without knowing the gender of this precious human being growing inside me. I am well aware that some people choose to keep that a surprise until the arrival of their little one, but not me. Not us.

On Saturday February 21st, we went in for THE ultrasound. We spent about an hour in there with the technician while she did her thang taking pics and measurements of Baby P. At my previous prenatal appointment, my midwife had told us that if we wanted to find out the sex of the baby, we would have to let the technician know, otherwise they wouldn't tell us what it is. We decided early on that we wanted to host a Gender Reveal Dinner for close family and friends. Since our pregnancy announcement was a surprise to everyone, we wanted the same effect for our Gender Reveal. Yup that's right. Our dinner was scheduled for the following Saturday on February 28th. Everyone was kept in suspense for another week. Us, the parents-to-be, included. When the technician asked us if we wanted to know what we were having, we told her we did. Then we asked her to not tell us right then, but to put the results in an envelope instead.

For about 2-3 hours, I had the results in my possession before I handed it off to a close friend that I had chosen to help me accomplish this epic gender reveal. It was difficult not to want to take a peek. Up until the night of the Dinner, both family and friends begged us to tell them what Baby is and even promised us they wouldn't say anything. Told them we couldn't even if we wanted to... because WE HAD NO CLUE either!!!!

A week doesn't seem too long of a wait, but man was it the LONGEST WEEK EVER!!!! The built up suspense made this dinner that much more exciting.

So this is how it all went down. Hubby and I made dinner to feed approximately 30-40 people. Yeah this turned out to be a huge event. My very good friend, the ONLY one who knew Baby P's gender all week long, came over earlier that day to bring over the balloons I asked her to stuff with either pink or blue confetti. She could not stay for the dinner (which I was bummed about) because of a prior commitment but I am so glad she was still willing to take on the task of being "the trusted one" to help me pull this off. She also brought us some cupcakes for the occasion. She is definitely the best!

People began to arrive around 5-ish. We ate dinner, hung out, and then had everyone cast their vote - Team Blue? Team Pink? The majority of the group wanted Baby P to be a boy. When we first found out we were pregnant, Daddy-to-be and I envisioned having a girl. But it's weird because all throughout the beginning of the pregnancy, I kept referring to Baby P as "he" - maybe because it was just easier to say that. And about a week or 2 before the gender reveal, Daddy-to-be just had a strong feeling Baby P is a boy. We didn't care either way, just as long as Baby P is healthy. But the night of the Dinner, we were forced to represent our default gender teams - He was headcoach of Team Blue, and I was headcoach of Team Pink.

All throughout the night, we were sharing pics on IG and FB and all of our friends on there became involved and couldn't wait to find out the results. Many were very impatient with me, too! Anyway, after rounding everyone up... the crew that was here in person...making sure our family from out-of-state and afar was in attendance via FaceTime and Skype... we FINALLY did the Reveal. The suspense was soooo worth the wait.

Check it out for yourselves....

It was a GREAT night. We enjoyed sharing this moment with everyone and so grateful that this Baby is already blessed to be loved by everyone in our lives. Thank you to everyone for all the love and support!!! Can't wait for the Baby Shower!!!!!

Great company, Great friends...

And Baby P's first official gift - shoes from Uncle Lloyd and Aunty Heidi.

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