Pink Or Blue? What's It Gonna Be?

Updated: Sep 20, 2018

*Originally posted May 1, 2017 on Fab . Fit . Me*

And here we are.... I'm about to reveal to you, my faithful readers who do not yet know what we are having, just what's been growing inside this belly of mine. Gonna try to keep this post short and sweet since I've kept you waiting for so long.

Ok so let me start with the "back story" of this exciting event. Last time I was pregnant, I had to wait till I was 20 weeks gestation to find out the sex of our baby. That's when they do the 1-hour long anatomical ultrasound.

This pregnancy though, I didn't have to wait that long. Why? Well because I'm old now.

Say what?

Yeah, it's because I'm in the "35 and older" age range. I'm considered "high risk" for things like birth defects and/or health issues for baby. And because I'm in this category, I am offered all kinds of extra testing to check if Baby P #2 may be at risk to have any kind of health issues.

One of the tests is called an NIPT blood screen. Totally non-invasive. Just a blood sample from me that goes off to a special lab somewhere. And then experts take a look at it and check to see what kind of chromosomal make up Baby P #2 has.

I went in for this blood screening on Monday, March 20th. I was about 13 weeks along. The results were emailed to me on Friday, March 24th. I was told I may be waiting 10-14 days for the results to come in. Totally didn't expect it in 4 days. And since we had shipped Ella off to Grandma's for 2 weeks when this took place, we didn't plan to have our Gender Reveal dinner till she came back. April 15th was our scheduled dinner.

And can you believe we were able to wait that long without peeking at the email?

Seriously though, we were good. We didn't even try.

Anyway, my friend that helped me pull off an awesome Reveal last time helped me again this time. And it turned out to be another hit!

Last Reveal, we did balloons with confetti (click HERE to read and watch Ella's Gender Reveal!).

This time we did silly string.

Finding these were a pain in the ass. Amazon and major retail stores were selling these for $5 a pop. My friend eventually found these at a 99 cent store. And they didn't have a lot in stock. She bought every single one they did have. And then she made the cans look all pretty. Totally grateful everything worked out! Our plan B was to do confetti cannons (in case you were wondering).

Anyway. Saturday April 15th, finally came. Yummy dinner. Great company. An overall success.

Team Pink represented.

And so did Team Blue.

And as you can see, most of our guests were rooting Team Blue.

But did that make a difference?

Watch and find out!!!

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