Fun Facts Friday Quarantine Edition - 5.22.20

It's been a hot minute since I did a Fun Facts Friday! Remember when I said I wanted to try to do this weekly and then I went on vacation and then COVID hit and then I kinda just stopped blogging regularly? 😂 Anyway, here I am trying to make it happen!

So we are still quarantine-ing hard, y'all! California is currently in Phase 2 of reopening, but we're kinda still playing it safe and just staying home. Still only going out for essentials. Still wearing face masks when we do go out and practicing social distancing even though our County has rescinded those public health orders a couple of weeks ago.

Here are just some things that's been going on here in my part of the world...

1. We rented a jumper water slide for the weekend for the girls. Daniel's lil sister celebrated her 13th birthday on Monday so since we couldn't throw her a party and have people over, we thought a jumper was the next best thing. We got it Saturday morning all through Monday afternoon. Everly was a bit wary at first (she's my little scaredy cat) but by the time the guys came to pick it up, she was begging for us to keep it.

2. Ella had a family STEM project due for school. We were given several options on what to do and Ella chose to build a castle. We had to use materials that we had around the house and it turned out pretty good considering we were running low on crafty materials.

3. Nothing makes me feel more like a grown up than buying household stuff like brand spanking new pots and pans. Anybody else agree? 🙋🏽‍♀️ We needed some new ones pretty bad so I finally gave in and invested in some. I got the 10-piece Classic set from Calphalon and I have to say, I love 'em! Let's hope they last us a good while! I'm also in search for a good Dutch Oven... any recommendations?

4. I am on Week 2 of doing Tone It Up's 6-week Summer Challenge. I am limited on workout equipment here at home and I can't buy new stuff because everybody seems to be SOLD OUT of all the things I want to buy! Like a power rack, some kettlebells, and even dumbbells! I have a set of dumbbells and 1 kettlebell, a barbell and a couple of 45lb. bumper weights and some smaller ones, too. But that's about it. So Tone It Up has been my go-to because they don't require a lot of equipment and their workouts are killer!

5. To close out this Fun Facts Friday post, I thought I'd share some Amazon Finds that I bought recently and am very happy that I did.

The 1st is this Tronco 20oz glass tumbler with a bamboo lid. I'm always lookin' for ways to be more eco-friendly and I'm a sucker for tumblers or drink bottles. This is gonna be perfect for the hotter days ahead - I foresee A LOT of ice cold smoothies in my future!!!

And since I just bought some new pots and pans, I wanted some new cooking utensils to go with. So I got these Juvale Silicone Bamboo utensil set because, well, they're perfect for non-stick cookware. And it's just a cute set! What can I say, I'm such a girl 😂.

That's pretty much all the exciting thangs happenin' over here. Tell me some new things y'all been doin' in your part of the world in the comments below!

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Cookware Set / Glass Tumbler / Utensil Set

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