Easter 2020

Easter looked a little different for us this year, as I'm sure it was for many. Our celebration was a lot smaller and quieter than we are used to. But that's okay. In fact, it turned out to be perfect.

Just because we are still in lockdown, doesn't mean everything else in life had to stop. Easter included. Trying to live our lives as normal as possible isn't easy in this crazy time, but we definitely have to make the effort. Especially for the little ones.

We woke up Sunday morning and it was raining. But that didn't bother my girls one bit. They were thrilled to find that the Easter Bunny had stopped by to leave them their baskets filled with goodies (courtesy of Target and Amazon).

Then, just as we were about to start hiding eggs in the house, the rain let up for a couple of hours. So we took the Egg Hunt outside. And my girls had the time of their lives looking for all the eggs. Ella was extra proud of herself for finding the Golden Egg.

After all egg hunting fun, we went back inside to watch Trolls World Tour. Which I highly recommend watching! We've been watching it on repeat non-stop for the 48 hours we had it 😂.

Easter 2020 was a good day.

Sure, we missed getting to visit with family and friends. And oh my gosh, the one thing I REALLY missed was all the yummy grub that everyone brought for the occasion. But, this is temporary. And I can't wait to celebrate with everyone again.

How was your Easter?

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