Conquering Mt. Rubidoux

Living in the Inland Empire has its perks. We have easy access to hikes and trails galore. I've lived here for more than 10 years and I've only had the opportunity to explore a few. The "easiest" one for me is Mt. Rubidoux. And when I say easy what I really mean is it's the closest one to me AND it's a paved trail all the way up the mountain. Which makes it easier to push strollers up. But that's about as easy as it gets.

The walk from the parking lot at the bottom of the hill up to the entrance to this trail itself is up a pretty steep grade. Daniel and I were already huffing and puffing by the time we reached the beginning part of the trail. Which goes to show just how out of shape we both are. Just a few short years ago we were both fitness junkies and in the best shape of our lives. But in our defense, we were pushing a double stroller (that weighs 29.5 lbs by itself) carrying a 27 lb. toddler and an 18 lb. infant. Plus a diaper bag. And that was NOT easy!

Anyway, once you actually get to the top of the hill to the start of the trail, it gets a little easier.

There are 2 trails you can choose to go up. The left trail is a shorter and faster trail to travel. However, it's a pretty steep climb. Much like the one we climbed to get there. And the trail to the right is longer but not as steep. Wanna guess which trail we chose?

Yup! You guessed it. The one to the right.

When Ella asked if she could walk instead, we didn't protest. We were hands down thrilled we didn't have to bribe her to get up and get some exercise with us old fogies.

The last time I hiked up this trail was when Ella was maybe around a year old. We used to come here pretty often for a mommy and me playdate with a fellow mom-friend and her daughter. I almost forgot just how pretty this hike was. And the views of Riverside is just so gorgeous.

Of course this gem made my Ella Bella want to explore it up close and personal.

She said it was her castle. And she was the princess.

I love how new places and things excite her. I cannot wait till we take her to Disneyland for the first time. If she loved this castle so much, I can only imagine just how crazy she'll be about Sleeping Beauty's castle. Oh to be a kid again!!!

Anyway, where was I? Oh that's right... Mt. Rubidoux. When we finally made it up to the top, we took a little rest break. To enjoy the sights, to get a drink of water, to just be in that moment.

It was windy as heck.

And it got chilly as the sun started to set. But it didn't seem to faze the babies at all.

So we stayed a little while before we made the trip back down the hill.

I couldn't tell you how long it took us to get up and down the mountain but I will say it was such a great workout. I definitely felt it the next day, that's for sure! We'll have to hike another trail soon.

Got any suggestions on which hiking trail we should conquer next?

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