Baby P #2 Bump Watch: 35 Weeks Preggers

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SoCal is going through a major heat wave right now and being prego and trying to look cute in this heat can be very difficult for me. When I'm at home, I just wanna lounge around in nothing but my undies and a tank. So this week's update photo is a rare one! (no it's not in the partial nude as just described lol). I had a birthday dinner over the weekend so I actually look sort of decent!!!

35 Weeks

What is up with Baby P #2 this week?

  • Baby P doesn't have much room to maneuver now that she's over 18 inches long and weighs more than 5 1/4 lbs - about the size of a honeydew melon!

  • She is probably not doing somersaults anymore but the number of kicks should remain the same.

  • Her kidneys are fully developed now and her liver can process some waste products.

  • Most of her basic physical development is now complete and she'll spend the next few weeks putting on weight.

What's been happening with ME this week?

Weight Gained: not quite sure but I'm afraid to find out... needless to say I've been eating a lot. What can I say? I don't plan on being pregnant again so I've decided to just give in to my cravings and indulge. Because I am determined to get my bod back into pre-1st baby shape ASAP.

Workouts: Ha! Waiting to hit those weights postpartum for sure!!!


  • lower back aches when I'm sitting for too long or when I'm laying in bed

  • major cankles and chubby fingers!

Food Aversions: anything greasy! I'll eat it and then immediately regret it afterwards.

Food Cravings: donuts!!!! My boss was nice enough to buy us some donuts on Friday. It was sooooo yum. And beer. Ice. Cold. Beer.

Sleep: Not bad...even with the frequent trips to the bathroom and lower backpain... I've been getting adequate sleep at night. And even when I nap with Ella.

Any Baby/Pregnancy-Related Purchases? yes!!! totally saw these and had to have them...

Aren't they super cute?! I can't wait for Baby P #2 to use them!!!

Stretch Marks: I'm pretty sure there will be a lot more new ones. I'll be able to assess the damage once I pop this baby out.

Miss Anything?: Being mobile. As dramatic as it sounds... I've slowed down a lot when walking from point A to point B. It's hard to walk through narrow spaces. And just being extra careful I don't do anything to accidentally bump into things with the prego belly.

Belly Button In or Out? Out!!!

Wedding Rings On or Off? I swelled up pretty bad on Saturday night because of the heat and my rings were stuck. So I think I might just have to take them off and keep them off till after Baby is here.

Happy or Moody Most Of The Time? Neutral. Not too moody but I have my moments.

Any Movement? Yes. And I have to say she totally beats me up from the inside pretty good. Sometimes it even feels like I might be going into labor.

Fun and/or Interesting Things from the Week? A very good friend of mine came over on Sunday the 27th, to bring over some gifts for Baby P #2 and to hang out and let both of our toddlers play. She also brought some food, which is always a big win with this prego lady.

Looking Forward To? Finally going on maternity leave! Wednesday 8/30/2017 I am officially on LOA. And then it's baby shower and finalizing preparations before baby's arrival. Eeeeek!!!

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