36 Weeks Bump Update

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36 weeks pregnant and totally in nesting mode!!! Officially went on maternity leave June 11th. Been trying to get everything in order in our tiny little space... sorting Baby P's clothes and just organizing and getting everything ready for her arrival. All the while, she continues to bake inside my ever growing belly.

And this is me, looking absolutely exhausted and just homely in loungewear...

Gotta love it.

What Has Baby P Been Up To This Week? At my 36 week check up, Doctor said Baby P is healthy and right on target! She is already head down and in position for whenever she's ready to come. That's exciting news, no doubt... but I can't help but feel a little nervous, too!!!

  • Baby P is still packing on the pounds (about an ounce a day) and is now almost 6 lbs and more than 18.5 inches long - about the size of a head of romaine lettuce.

  • She is shedding most of the downy hair that covers her body as well as the vernix caseosa - the waxy substance that protects the skin during its nine-month bath in amniotic fluid.

  • Baby P swallows this stuff, along with other secretions, which forms a tar-like black substance called meconium, which Baby P will pass in her first bowel movements.

  • At the end of this week, she will be considered "early term." Full term is 39-40 weeks. And she is most likely in head-down position.

What's Been Happening With ME This Week?

Weight Gained: Up another 4 pounds. Whew. Thought I was gonna be up another 10 lbs the way I've been eating!!! That brings us to a total of approximately 30 lbs gained so far (from my last pre-pregnancy weight check). I'm ON TARGET so I'll take it!!!

Workouts: Lots and lots and lots of walking!!! And even that gets painful after only a few minutes of it.


  • Flintstone feet! Chubby toes and swollen feet... gotta love the last stages of pregnancy combined with this horrible SoCal heat!!!!

  • Aches in the groin area! Yup... that, too, comes with the territory!

  • And because of the aches in that very sensitive area, I'm officially waddling everywhere! Even getting out of bed is difficult.

  • Baby has definitely dropped. How do I know? I can now breathe a lil easier (yay!). But the sucky part is? She's lower in the lady part region so a lot of her movements hurt. Oh well. Just a little bit longer!!!

  • Exhaustion level is about quite the same.

  • Vaginal discharge

  • Pregnancy brain for sure

  • And this is a given: frequent trips to the potty!!! (sarcastic much?)

Food Aversions: Asian Food. Because after I eat it, it throws my taste buds out of whack and everything else I eat afterwards just doesn't sit well with my belly.

Food Cravings: Nothing in particular. Maybe that whole deal is over? I dunno, we'll see right?

Sleep: Pretty darn good now that I get to sleep in past 4am!!!! Oh the things we as adults get excited about!

Any Baby/Pregnancy Related Purchases? Oh yes. Quite a few actually. So with all the gift cards we received from the shower, we bought things we didn't get: receiving blankets, towels, socks, mittens, diaper cloths, and other necessities. And even after all of that, we still have a good amount of gift cards leftover (Baby P is set for awhile!).

And then I had to buy some things for me. Stuff for my hospital bag. A new robe, some pajama bottoms, new slippers, nursing bras, nursing pads, and a bunch of toiletry items (you know, those little bottles they sell for travel so I don't have lug around my regular bottles of shampoo and stuff).

After all that shopping, I thought we were finally set and ready to go. I figured, now all I have to do is ALL of Baby P's laundry, pack mine and hubby's hospital bag, and then clean, clean, CLEAN right? Wrong. When I was done with Baby P's laundry, I decided to get her infant car seat all cleaned and installed into our car so that we would have one less thing to worry about when the time comes. The car seat given to us by my lil sis-in-law who kept it in really good condition. Except, when I went to clean it and put it together (the harness straps had been disassembled so she could wash the car seat cover before putting it away in storage), I realized that one of the metal pieces that actually holds the strap in place was missing. Go figure. We tried to see if we could order the part online but everyone who ever carries this part is out of stock and would take anywhere from 6 weeks plus to have it delivered. Yeah we ain't got time for that!

So... we went out and bought a brand new infant car seat.

NOW, it is safe to say... we are ready (baby gear-wise) for Baby P!!!!

Stretch Marks: None, nada, zilch! Let's keep it that way!

Miss Anything: Everything I've ever mentioned in any of my prior blog posts

Belly Button In or Out: OUT!

Wedding Rings On or Off: Haven't tried to put them back on yet.

Happy or Moody Most of the Time: Definitely happy. A little emotional at times. But hey, I'm pregnant and I'm allowed to get emotional.

Any Movements? Yep. She loves to beat me up from the inside!

Fun and/or Interesting Things From The Week? Not that this is baby-related, but it definitely is worth something to mention! While Baby P may not have seen this event take place, she definitely heard every bit of it. She was able to witness, in her own special way, her daddy graduate with honors from college! Such a great accomplishment for him as well as his little growing family. We (both Baby P and I) could not be more proud. So many awesome things happening in our lives, how could I not share it with the world?

Hubs and I pre-graduation ceremony lunch/dinner

Hubby chillin' on campus before the ceremony

The family congratulating the Twins on a job well done!

And then a post ceremony reception for all the Public Policy Graduates and their families

Looking Forward To: Relaxing once I'm done with all this cleaning and organizing. Enjoying this little "vacation" before this Baby comes. And, of course, counting down to Baby P's arrival.

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