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OH - EM - GEE... I officially have a three-nager. My sweet Miss Ella Bella turned 3 on June 28th and I can hardly believe it!!! Like seriously?! How is time flying by so fast?! It really does feel like it was just yesterday we were bringing her home from the hospital. And now she's a kid. A walking, talking, annoyingly cute little kid that I just can't get enough of no matter how many tantrums she throws or how many times she's said to me "I want a new mommy." Yes, ladies and gentlemen, she's already said those words to me. She's a sweet little girl but she's also got her sassy and feisty moments for sure!

Ok so turning 3 was kind of a big deal for her. She understands what birthdays are about now. She's been to a bunch of birthday parties, she knows about the presents and birthday cake, she knows she's 3 now. What she doesn't understand is that her birthday comes only once a year and not every single day. So we've kinda been celebrating her birthday for about a month now. And what I mean by that is... she's been getting "presents" in the mail, we've been taking her for ice cream... I guess it's safe to say we've been totally spoiling her. Totally.

We weren't planning on throwing her a huge party this year... we've kinda decided that we would probably start doing big parties when she was older and actually had friends she wanted to invite. But we still did a little something to celebrate her special day.

Ella's a huge fan of #Blippi, an educational and fun show she stumbled upon while watching YouTube Kids (yes my kid watches YouTube). And he's forever going to cool indoor playgrounds, outdoor parks, and trampoline parks, which Ella LOVES and is always asking us to take her there. So on her actual birthday (which was on a Thursday), we took her to a new indoor playground that just opened up in Riverside called Luv 2 Play.

Even Everly got some play time in and seemed to enjoy herself.

Then Friday evening, we took her to get some frozen yogurt... because she asked for some and we're definitely not ones to turn down the chance to get some frozen yogurt.

And then for the big finale, we had a little family get together for some ice cream cake and presents.

Her birthday celebration may have been small and simple but she was a happy camper and that's all that matters.


What kinds of parties/celebrations have you planned for your little one's birthdays?

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It's no secret I don't like the heat, but if there's anything I like about Summer, it would have to be the fashion! Hands down my favorite. Floral prints, bright colors, short shorts (not too short), light & airy fabrics and the cutest sandals and accessories make for THE perfect summer outfit!

And it's so much more fun now that I get to dress my toddler in all the cute stuff!!! That is, when she lets me dress her up. She kinda went through this phase where she wanted to wear only clothes that featured Minnie Mouse. Slowly but surely, Ella is developing a love for fashion like her mama. She's already inherited my obsession for shoes and probably has a bigger collection than I do (okay, maybe I'm exaggerating again but it's pretty big for a 3 year old).

And because Ella just turned 3 years old, I wanted to share with you her 3 favorite looks of the season! Okay, okay, maybe it's 3 of my favorite looks but hey... she's still experimenting with fashion so someone's gotta make the decisions around here, right?

Outfit #1: Wild & Three

fringe dress / rose gold flower crown / gladiator sandals

This one's the most recent outfit that's been featured on all of my social media accounts. Ella actually did not want to put it on at first, and for a brief moment my dreams were crushed because I had all these ideas on what I wanted her birthday photos to look like and... well, mama knows how to work her magic! 2 oreo cookies later and tada! We got ourselves a successful photo shoot!

Fringe dress / rose gold flower crown / gladiator sandals

Outfit #2: Wanderlust

wanderlust kimono / tank top / frayed shorts / sandals

I am a huge fan of kimonos!!! They are light, airy, comfortable, and completes the entire outfit! I used kimonos like these a lot during both of my pregnancies and still use them today. I absolutely love this color on Ella. Throw it over a tank and some shorts and you are good to go!

wanderlust kimono / frayed shorts / tank top / sandals

Outfit #3: Belle

Belle crop top / denim shorts / gladiator sandals

These pictures really do not show just how cute this top really is!!! It's lined with lace at the bottom and ties in the back with just a single leather string. Pair it with some jeans, shorts, or bloomers and your little one will be lookin' fierce! But in the cutest way possible!

Belle crop top / denim shorts / gladiator sandals

What are your favorite summer (warm/hot weather) looks for your little one?

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