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Updated: Jan 27

st when you think you’ve mastered a routine, life happens — your baby grows up and goes off to preschool. Then it’s complete chaos for at least a week or so, trying to find the groove of our new daily M-F routine.

Preschool is a pretty big deal. Like MAJOR. I get 3 hours without a 4-year-old from 11:30am - 2:30pm... what the heck do I do with myself?! Yeah I know, I still got an almost-2-year-old to look after... I haven’t forgotten about her. But having 1 kid is a hell of a lot easier to manage than 2! And 3 hours may not seem like a lot of time so I’ve had to REALLY think about what I wanted to accomplish within such a short time frame.

Is it worth skipping Evie’s nap time to roam the aisles of Target and spend money you don’t have?! Should I risk putting Evie down for a nap? And if so, is it worth waking her up (if she’s not already awake) to pick Sissy up from school? Just an FYI, she’s definitely NOT a happy camper when she’s woken up earlier than she's ready to be. And if Evie DOES take a nap, do I take advantage of this ME time and binge watch Jane The Virgin for the millionth time and just chillax?! Maybe have a glass of wine — ok maybe not the wine. But still... should I?! Or should I be a responsible adult and use this time to do laundry AND clean the whole house all while baby naps? Maybe take a quick catnap myself? Sleep is obviously a VERY crucial part of our day as you can tell. Trying to figure out when that nap should take place can be pretty difficult! And on top of that, coming to terms with not wearing pajamas all day long has been pretty depressing.


So now that Ella’s been in school for 3 whole weeks now, I can tell you briefly how Everly and I spent our 3 hours a day of week 1.

Day 1 : It was orientation day so not much happened because Ella was there for 1 hour but parents were required to be there as well.

Day 2: We dropped Ella off at school and went to pick up our dog Tipsy from the groomers (hubby took her first thing in the morning). When we got home I did 3 loads of laundry. Ok ok, I’m lying. I started a load that morning before Ella went to school so I wasn’t that accomplished. And in between loads I did some dishes and cooked some meals and entertained Everly who seemed kinda lost that Sissy was not here. Evie napped after we picked Sissy up.

Day 3: I watched Everly run around in circles (literally) for awhile while I folded the clothes from the previous day. Yup, I totally didn’t fold them right away because I’m just not that put together. Then Evie napped after we picked Sissy up from school. 

Day 4: It was Back To School night so Everly had no choice but to take her nap right after we dropped sister off at school. Good thing she had woken up earlier than usual because she didn’t fight me at all. And while Evie napped, mama binge watched Season 5 of Jane The Virgin. If you haven’t seen the show, you need to! It’s SO good! 

Day 5: So we decided to make that trip to Target. More like attempted. Everly had a meltdown before we even made it into the store so there’s that. Maybe we’ll try again next Friday.

Now that it's been 3 weeks of preschool, I can tell you that I am already SO OVER IT. It dawned on me on day 3 that THIS is now my life. I am now a parent of a pre-schooler. My schedule now revolves around my 4-year-old's drop-off and pick-up schedule. And this revelation was pretty shocking at first. THIS will be my life until both of my girls have graduated high school! So yeah... I'm already over it and their first long break from school cannot come soon enough. And though preschool is only 3 hours long, the process of getting them up and ready for the day, fed and out the door by a certain time 5 days a week is not fun at all. Not that I was expecting it to be a party or anything. I'm seriously already missing the days where we could lounge in our pj's all day long and eat our meals whenever we were hungry and take our naps when we wanted to... yeah we are definitely spoiled.


In other news, Ella is lovin' her new routine. She loves to pick out her clothes and gets super excited to go to school so she can play with her friends (she's got like 4 of them now), play on the playground, engage in all the new things she's learning. I have to say, by Day 4 of week 1, she was already telling me "bye" and running off before I'd even signed her in. My mama heart kinda broke when she didn't even look back for me. These bittersweet moments just keep on comin', don't they?

So yeah... we survived our first week of preschool.

Have your kids started school yet? What grades are they in? Are/Were you excited about the first day? If this is your first time (like me), how were you feeling? More importantly, what did/do y'all do with your time while they were/are in school? Tell me all the things!!!

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Updated: Jan 27

Yup, you read that title right, folks... Daniel and I totally did a thing. We shipped the kids off to grandma's for 2 weeks and we took a mini vacation up to San Francisco. And it was AH-MAY-ZING!!!! What started off as more of a work trip for Daniel turned into a getaway for us... if you wanna call it an extended anniversary celebration, you totally can lol - since you know, we already celebrated our anniversary at Disneyland back in March.

We flew up to Frisco on Wednesday (May 29th) morning. We weren't able to check into our hotel early, so we left our luggage with the front desk and took advantage of exploring the city a little bit. We stayed at Hotel Zelos, which is in the heart of Downtown San Francisco, and there were SO many things within walking distance from us. The convention center was a 4 minute walk away (which is where we spent majority of Fri, Sat and Sun), Union Square and all things shopping was right there in our "backyard" (our hotel sat on top of Old Navy and Trader Joes), and every type of restaurant you could think of surrounded us.

Our first night there, we tried a mom + pop shop hole-in-the-wall restaurant called Tacorea which was a Mexican + Korean food infused joint. Then after that we went to a "secret" bar known on the streets as Speak Easy (AKA Bourbon & Branch) - which requires a reservation online. Once you reserve a spot, they'll send you the directions, house rules, and password to get in via email. This place is so "secret" that we almost walked right on by it. The GPS told us we were near it, but because this place doesn't have a store-front sign OR even a visible address on the building, it took a homeless guy to notice that we were lost and asked us if we were lookin' for Bourban & Branch. When we said yes, he pointed to a building with a single door. If he didn't tell us where to go/look, we may never have found it on our own lol.

This bar sits on top of the original Speak Easy that existed back in the 1920s during the Prohibition era - when the sale and consumption of alcohol was illegal. The experience and ambiance of this place takes you back to that era. They serve drinks you won't find anywhere else and you definitely won't be able to order a cosmo or margarita here. One of their main house rules is: no cell phone usage while you're inside. If for some reason you need to make or take a phone call, they ask that you step outside to do it. So I have zero pictures of what it looks like on the inside or pictures of our overall experience. This picture right here is literally the ONLY "proof" we were even there. But I will say, the drinks I had were YUMMY and our entire experience there was a GOOD one so if you ever get the chance to go, you definitely should.

We did all the touristy things on Thursday. We bought a 1-day public transit pass to get around the city. We took the cable car all the way down to, what I thought was Fisherman's Wharf, but turned out to be the Port of San Francisco, which sits at the very beginning of ALL the piers.

Fisherman's Wharf was at the very end. Daniel had the bright idea to walk it because he said Fisherman's Wharf was just a couple of blocks away. The whole "couple blocks away" phrase became his thing our entire stay. And because he thought everything was only a couple blocks away, we did A LOT of walking that day and the entire trip. We walked past the Exploratorium all the way to Pier 39 where we had lunch and saw the sea lions.

Us at Pier 39

Then we walked all the way up to and through Ghirardelli Square to the bus stop to wait for the bus that would take us to the Golden Gate Bridge.

We probably spent an hour reading up on all the historical facts and taking pictures before deciding to make the trip back to our hotel. We took the bus back to Ghirardelli Square and walked over to the Street Car stop. Because ya can't go to San Francisco and NOT ride the street car! Yeah, we waited about an hour to get on it because there were so many of us and I think it was also a shift change for the guys that drive the Street Cars. But it was the coolest thing ever.

view from our seat in the Street Car

After we got back to our hotel, we freshened up and returned back to the Exploratorium for their After Dark event which is catered to adults (meaning they served alcoholic beverages and you could explore the exhibits while having a cocktail) and only held on Thursday nights. But because we were so tired from our long day (and also starving) we didn't stay long. We hopped back on a cable bus that took us back to our hood. And then we walked "a couple blocks" to get some pho because we were hangry! We didn't get back to our hotel till almost midnight.

The rest of the weekend was spent at the Moscone Convention Center and we hung out with a few friends who were also there for the same event. After "work" we attended after-parties and went bar-hopping. We had such a great time that we kinda didn't wanna come back to reality. But it was a vacation well-deserved. We hadn't taken a trip like this (just the 2 of us) since we had Ella almost 4 years ago so it was nice to be able to just enjoy and reconnect with each other.

Have you ever been to San Francisco? Have you been able to go on vacation (or stay-cation) with your significant other without kids? If so, where have you gone? If not, where would you like to go?

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Updated: Jan 27

Ok seriously though, how GORGEOUS is this watch? I've never owned, let alone seen, a wooden watch before in real life. And after seeing this one in person, I have to say... I'm kind of obsessed.

This beautiful wooden watch is from JORD and it's actually not mine. I got this for my hubby as a last minute gift for Christmas. I say 'last minute' because I'm starting to struggle with finding the perfect gift for him. We've been together for so long it just gets harder and harder every year! I mean, I've gifted him clothes, shoes, sports-related stuff... I've even given him kitchen appliances!

Anyway, after doing some major online searching, I stumbled upon JORD's selection of watches and it was like love at first sight.

I'm not even kidding.

My husband kinda has a thing for watches and has been collecting them for years. And the styles he owns range from sleek & flashy to sporty & bulky. But he doesn't own one single wooden watch. Total no-brainer! I just couldn't resist adding this unique timepiece to his collection.

And I'm so glad I did! Hubby LOVES his new watch. He could not wait to wear it.

The Hyde Kosso & Gray is so stylish and can literally be worn with anything and for every occasion.

My husband likes that he can wear it to work - it looks stunning with a suit!

He can wear it when he's out playing with the girls - not having to worry about the band getting all scuffed up is a major plus!

It's even perfect to wear for a night of dinner and dancing or just going out for a casual lunch date.

It's super comfortable and fits him perfectly! I was able to order it to size so that he wouldn't have to mess with trying to adjust it. They even have the option to engrave it with a little somethin' sentimental if you want.

These JORD watches make great gifts for any occasion - hint hint Valentine's Day is just around the corner! You can check out all other men's watches here. Did I mention they also have a pretty good selection for women, too? You can check out those JORD watches here. And if you like the one I got for the hubs? Click here. There's just so many to choose from!

And if you're really into these and want one of your own (or for that special someone), JORD is offering you the chance to win $100 towards your purchase. All you have to do is enter here.

Disclosure: This is sponsored by JORD, Inc. I have been compensated to create this post, however all opinions are my own. I only recommend products I’ve personally used and love! This post may contain affiliate links that earn me a small commission, at no additional cost to you. 

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